Family & Staff Information Letter

Below is a link to an important letter concerning school closure, learning from home, schedule, etc.  This document also includes information on Kindergarten Roundup, Preschool, Prom, Graduation, Field Trips, Personal Items/IPad Pick Up and much more.  In short, a must read for our school community.

  Review and Download the NWS Family and Staff Letter

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Amy Atkinson
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Alan Avery
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Deanna Beaman
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Team 8
My name is Andrea Cole, your student’s mathematics teacher. I am excited to welcome you and your student to my classroom this year. I am originally from Selma, Indiana, which is located just outside of Muncie, Indiana, but have relocated to the area for the past few years. I graduated from Ball State University with a major in secondary mathematics education. I began my teaching career teaching 7th grade mathematics at Indianapolis Public School for three years, and then taught 7th grade mathematics at Randolph Central School for anther three years. This is my third year with Northeastern Wayne Schools. This year, I will have your student either in 8th grade Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, or Personal Finance. Please utilize the class website for information on curriculum, classroom activities, and homework. Feel free to contact me with any equations you may have. You may email me at or call before/after school or during my prep 4th period.
Thom Crist
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Olivia Detweiler
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Mallorie Dill
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Sadie Emrick
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Mark Hinkey
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Dean of Students
Kyle Holz
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Athletic Director
Kelli Kircher-Taylor
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Lisa McDugle
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Breanna McKinley
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Megan Moreland
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Wes Oler
Taylor Pierson
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Ken Powell
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School Resource Officer
Geneva Price
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Brittani Reno
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Ashley Tice
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Special Education
Amanda Vanwinkle
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East Central Diagnostician
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Sara Williams
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