Sixth Grade Strategic Planning Team Information

Welcome to the Sixth Grade Strategic Planning Team Information Page.  We will be posting our meeting agendas, minutes, events and information throughout the school year.  Please return to this page at a future date for new and updated info.

Team Members

  • Laura VanPelt - Elementary Teacher
  • Sara Williams - Middle School Teacher
  • Cindy Robertson - Middle School Teacher
  • Jennifer Gaddis - Middle School Teacher and Parent
  • Rita Frame - Middle School Guidance Counselor
  • Beth Beatty - Parent
  • Adam Scott - Parent
  • Jennifer Moore - Parent
  • Ann York - Parent
  • Dawn Sonsini - Middle School Principal
  • Ron Ross - Middle/High School Assistant Principal
  • Steve Angel - High School Principal
  • Mark Pierson - Athletic Director 
  • Eric Green - Assistant Superintendent
  • Laura Blessing - Superintendent
  • Keith Webster - School Board Member

6th Grade Strategic Planning Team Documents6th Grade Strategic Planning Team Documents

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