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Who We Are

The 7th grade teachers are:

Kyle Arney teaches Geography and Communications.  


Alan Avery teaches Design and Modeling. 


Jennifer Gaddis teaches Digital Citizenship and Digital Productions.


Krista Hendrickson teaches Health, Physical Education, First-Aid, and Survivor.  Miss Hendrickson's Web Page


Tina Hicks is our 7th grade Resource teacher.


Dan Merkamp and Thom Crist teach Band.  NHS Band's Web Page


Breanna McKinley teaches Student Publications and Yearbook.


Carolyn Mitchell teaches Science and Medical Detectives.  

Jason Roll
 teaches Ag.  Mr. Roll's Web Page

Caleb Walker teaches English and English Lab 7/8.


Janel Wetzel teaches Math and Math Lab.  Miss Wetzel's Web Pages

Kate Wogoman teaches Music and Movement.  Mrs. Wogoman's Web Page 


Sarah Zimmerman teaches 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art.

7th Grade
School Improvement



We commit to cultivate a learning community that is purposefully engaged in excellence where every student is inspired to learn and empowered to excel. 





At Northeastern, every student is inspired to learn and empowered to excel.




  • All staff will develop skills to positively respond to student behaviors.
  • All students will improve their reading skills across the curriculum.

  • All students will improve their computation skills. 




Happening this week:

Students should come to school with their iPads charged at 100% each day.



Students need to turn in the white Title One form and the pink iPad form.


Students need to bring in their iPad 4 case to get their iPad.


August 29, 2017 NMS Tech Night from 5:30-7:00 pm.

Upcoming TESTS and QUIZZES

Monday, August 14 - 


Tuesday, August 15 -  


Wednesday, August 16 - 


Thursday, August 17 - 


Friday,  August 18 

The seventh grade teachers will be communicating once a nine weeks to parents via this newsletter.
7th Grade Incentive Program- KNIGHTS KA$H


 1.  Be Prepared for Class (even SRT)

  • Class Folder
  • Book (if you have one)
  • Pencil
  • iPad

2.  Turn work in on time

3.  Your iPad is fully charged.


Tip Ka$h

Your teachers may also award Tip Ka$h when you are performing above and beyond expectations:



-Excellent or improved academic performance

-Assisting others without request


Tip Ka$h is awarded in paper form.  Students are responsible for turning in this Ka$h to their SRT teacher to add to their account (once a week).


The 7th grade team will award $1 digital Knight Ka$h for each objective per week.

You can be awarded $15 digital Knight Ka$h per week if you meet all objectives.


Rewards for Purchasing:


preferential seating for a wk

lunch with a friend, teacher, or office staff

10 minute of doodle time in SRT

first in lunch line



courtyard time for your SRT 

eat lunch in the courtyard

food voucher coupon

Makerspace time during SRT

wear a hat day

listen to music in SRT

NMS bracelet



ice cream at lunch

free ticket to an athletic event

lead an activity in the classroom

special guest on the digital announcements

pop for lunch



duct tape principal to the wall

read to students at NES

game of kickball for your SRT

reserve seating at the school play with 2 friends



pizza with the principal



Do you want more information about 7th grade?

The 7th grade teachers will be sending out IMPORTANT information (upcoming tests, projects, state tests, field trips, progress reports, etc.) via texts or emails if you sign up.


If you are interested sign up at the link below:



Understanding 7th Grade Team Grade Books

Blank = grade not entered yet

E = excused from the assignment or quiz (doesn't count for or against)

0 missing = late work that can still be turned in for partial credit

0 = no completed work



Extra-Curricular Activities


Fall Sports

Cross Country (Boys and Girls)
Girls Volleyball

Winter Sports
Basketball (Boys and Girls)

Spring Sports
Track (Boys and Girls)
Cheerleader Tryouts are in the Spring



Academic Teams



National Honor Society

Spell Bowl

Student Council

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